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At SHI and PNY, we bring together our expertise to assist you in choosing the perfect NVIDIA® RTX™ pro GPU, NVIDIA data center GPU, and NVIDIA networking products. Our goal is to provide you with top‑notch reliability, scalability, performance, and versatility for all your graphics, data science, or big data analytics requirements. With our experienced sales team, we will help you find the ideal PNY solution that not only meets your needs but also comes at a competitive cost.


Benefits of PNY Solutions through SHI

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Benefit from our extensive tech experience

For over 35 years, PNY has been delivering the highest quality and reliable memory, storage, graphics and networking solutions to the marketplace. 

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Boost your NVIDIA GPU performance with our support

PNY provides NVIDIA-based GPU products to the marketplace. Whether it’s 4K gaming, desktop graphics, or data center compute and AI, PNY has the right GPU solution for your needs.

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Reduce downtime by partnering with PNY and SHI

PNY offers peerless service and support for all our products including NVIDIA GPU and Networking solutions. PNY products work across all system brands, backed by pre-and post-sales support, and a staff of field application engineers. 

NVIDIA Professional Graphics

Transform your work with cutting-edge NVIDIA Professional Graphics

From stunning industrial design to advanced special effects or sophisticated scientific visualization, NVIDIA RTX is the world’s preeminent visual computing platform. Trusted by millions of creative and technical professionals to accelerate their workflows, NVIDIA RTX has an advanced ecosystem of hardware, software, utilities and ISV support.

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Select the right NVIDIA GPU for your workflow

NVIDIA Data Center GPUs

Enhance your data center with NVIDIA's advanced GPUs

Data center and server GPUs solve the world’s most important scientific, industrial, and business challenges with AI, HPC, graphics, and virtual GPU (vGPU) capabilities. From visualizing complex content to creating cutting-edge products, cities of the future, extracting new insights from massive datasets, or training and deploying the next generation of transformative AI enterprise solutions, NVIDIA data center and server GPUs provide unmatched acceleration at every scale.

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Cables and transceivers

Ethernet 10G/25G/40G/56G/100G/200G/400G and InfiniBand EDR, HDR100, HDR, NDR200, NDR

The PNY networking product family of cables and transceivers provides the industry’s most complete line of 10G, 25G, 40G, 50G, 100G, 200G, and 400GbE in Ethernet and EDR, HDR, and NDR in InfiniBand products for cloud, HPC, Web 2.0, enterprise, telco, storage, artificial intelligence, and data center applications.

PNY cables and transceivers are often used to link top-of-rack switches downwards to network adapters in NVIDIA GPUs and CPU servers and storage and/or upwards in switch-to-switch applications throughout the network infrastructure.

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PNY cables and transceivers

GeForce graphics cards

Get ahead of your competition with NVIDIA GeForce graphics cards

PNY offers a full range of GeForce® graphics boards from PNY GeForce Blower graphics boards, built for system integrators and B2B, to the ultimate blazing-fast PNY GeForce XLR8 graphics boards with brilliant EPIC-X RGB lighting.

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