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Between remote work, employee choice, and dependence on modern IT, it’s never been more important to invest in the right technology for your business. But building a best-in-class end-user computing strategy is easier said than done.

Consider all the products, form factors and software platforms your teams need — it’s an uphill battle just to manage the day-to-day. Trying to update these systems without a clear plan can be complicated and risky.

With SHI’s broad expertise and unrivaled vendor relationships, we help you modernize your end-user stack the right way. We provide vendor-neutral guidance to choose the products, management tools, and flexible financing best-suited for your evolving business needs. Our implementation and adoption specialists help improve your employees’ hybrid working experiences from day one — on any device and in any location.

Video Transcript: Transforming end user computing for the modern enterprise

Question: Why prioritize end-user computing and employee experience?

Kevin English: “I think customers should care about end-user compute because it's a critical technology. Depending on what your job role is, you either have access to a smartphone, a tablet, or a laptop, maybe even some virtual reality goggles. And so, the end-user compute space has critical technology for any employee. I think the reason why employee experience is so important is because over the last three to five years with COVID there's been a hyper sort of sensitivity around the end user themselves. And so, there's a shift away from the IT support folks, more into how does the end user feel — are they happy, are they productive, are they willing to do their jobs on the technology that you've given them from an end-user compute standpoint?”

Question: What makes SHI the trusted choice for end-user computing?

Kevin English: “I think SHI is trusted to support our customers’ end user needs because we've been doing end-user compute solutions for over a decade. We have the largest Fortune 2000 organizations that are multinational that trust SHI to support their new hires, their refreshes, and their redeployments.”

Question: How do SHI’s vendor partnerships benefit customers?

Kevin English: “We have very broad and strong relationships with our vendor partners that go back decades. SHI is able to use the economies of scale of leveraging a lot of our customers with the same OEMs to determine what are the best practices for your industry or for the technology form factor themselves.”

Question: What are our core capabilities in end-user computing?

Kevin English: “Our core capabilities of end-user compute start with advisory services. We help our customers by listening to their unique challenges and helping to build solutions that solve for those. The second thing is we're able to take those advisory services and suggest the right form factor - the right hardware, software, and services to do the job. The third thing we're able to do is to deploy, support, and manage those end-user compute devices long term, so it gives a complete turnkey solution for our customers where they don't have to worry about the critical technology of end-user compute. They could rely on SHI’s experience with our customers in order to deliver the best possible experience for all their end users.”

Question: What’s special about SHI’s approach?

Kevin English: “I think what's special about SHI’s approach is in our people, especially as it pertains to end-user compute. 85% of the folks that were hired 10- 15 years ago to support iPad 1 into the infrastructure are still here at SHI today. That allows us to have experience that goes across a decade. over multiple operating systems, form factors, and collaboration suites to help our customers make the right decisions.”

Question: What’s the best part of helping SHI’s customers achieve their goals?

Kevin English: “Having been here for 16 years I've seen our customers get to modern endpoint management by leveraging SHI — helping them move from SCCM to autopilot. What I've seen large telco customers, Fortune 5 type customers, do is come back to SHI for more innovative solutions to help them over the hump with even more complex solutions.”

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Leverage SHI’s unrivaled vendor relationships and industry expertise to gain access to the broadest selection of end-user devices. Build a device fleet that meets your business demands while catering to your employees’ preferences.

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Unified endpoint management

Don’t let hybrid work impede your device strategy. Streamline how you manage multiple product vendors and form factors with expert services including zero touch provisioning, unified endpoint management, patching, and remote support.

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Virtual desktop solutions

Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) solutions empower employees to securely access business applications from personal devices. Choose the right virtualization solution for your workforce and use cloud technologies to reduce the cost.

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Productivity suites

SHI’s digital workplace experts combine product knowledge and user understanding to scope, implement, and optimize adoption of the industry’s leading productivity tools. We help you unleash employee productivity while maximizing ROI.

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Zero Touch X Deployment

Accelerate hardware deployment and increase user satisfaction with innovative, over-the-air provisioning (OTAP) solutions that work for all major platforms and devices. Get your users up and running within minutes of device delivery.

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Extended reality

From self-service training in a risk-free virtual world to immersive experiences that stretch the imagination, SHI helps you explore technology and strategies to successfully implement extended reality (XR) in your modern workplace.

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"It can wait"


If you’re waiting to upgrade your devices, here are 3 reasons to reconsider.

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