SAM Managed Services

There's no escaping it; software licensing is complex. And with every software publisher having their own licensing rules, managing an average estate with more than 1,000 titles is a major challenge most IT teams are under-resourced to handle.

Thankfully, the licensing and SAM experts at SHI have the answer.

SAM Managed Services from SHI will help you achieve your business goals of controlling costs, supporting digital transformation and meeting strict IT Governance obligations.

Our three- and five-year annual SAM Managed Services programs are designed to help you realize a significant return on investment:

Save Money

Save Money

By identifying opportunities to right-size software use and licensing types across all platforms and vendors.

SHI helped a customer save over $1m by applying more advantageous Microsoft licenses.

Reduce Risk

Reduce Risk

By managing compliance, identifying financial risks and proactively defending audit demands.

SHI helped save a customer over $250,000 in audit risk by identifying and rectifying license misallocation.

Save Time

Save Time

By taking care of complex ITAM tasks such as data collection, analysis and report preparation.

SHI's SAM Managed Service saved a customer over 3,000 hours in 12 months on ITAM administration, worth $140,000.

Technology Overhead

Minimize Technology Overhead

SHI can provide all the necessary technologies to support SAM, so you avoid expensive tools bills.

Inventory, license management, BI and reporting tools included as part of SAM service.

License Compliance and much more

  • Full software and hardware inventory
  • Normalized software catalog
  • Effective license positions for key vendors
  • Support for migration and upgrade projects
  • Reporting for multiple stakeholders
  • Burst capacity to meet business needs
  • Audit defense services
  • Renewals management
  • Contract negotiation support
  • Helpdesk integration

Why work with SHI for Software Asset Management?

From on-demand access to SAM professionals with 20+ years' of licensing experience, to the latest technologies and the peace of mind that comes from processes refined over hundreds of SAM engagements, there are many reasons to work with SHI. But let's keep things simple:



Every expert you might want on your SAM team is already here.

Our team of 80+ SAM professionals includes licensing expertise for all the publishers you need to manage, including Adobe, IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, VMware and more. You don't need to hire in specialist skills for key events such as true-ups, renewals or contract negotiations.

What's more, we invest heavily in continuous training and improvement so our SAM specialists are always up to date on the latest licensing rules, technologies and audit practices.



You get the immediate benefit of a process that is designed to proactively manage your program and drive you toward a strong ROI.

Every SAM Managed Service performed by SHI is built on a proven, scalable and repeatable process established over 30 years of service delivery.

Documented processes cover every part of the SAM Managed Service, from initial goal setting and regular reviews through to data collection, license optimization and reporting. If there's a task related to SAM, we've already got a proven process for it.



SHI is not a tools developer. We have the freedom to work with the very best technology partners to address your needs.

Our technology stack supports your needs on end-user devices, in the data center and in the cloud and includes advanced BI and reporting tools, and access to an array of customizable management dashboards and detailed reports. And, because your data is available in near real-time, there is no need to rely on pre-prepared presentations that are months out of date.

And here's one more reason, just to put your mind at rest:
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Independence Guaranteed!

Whether or not you buy your software licensing through SHI, our ITAM team works completely independently of the software sales business, meaning they are fully able to represent you with no conflicts of interest.

to learn more about how a SAM Managed Service from SHI can help you:

  • Manage applications and licensing from all your key software providers (On-Premises and SaaS)
  • Optimize consumption of available licenses and subscriptions to drive value
  • Right-size licensing agreements and proactively manage renewals
  • Minimize the risks of non-compliance and penalties
  • Provide real value to stakeholders across IT and business functions

Top Advice for SAM Managed Service success

Before engaging a SAM Managed Services provider, consider the top five tips from SHI's Director of ITAM Customer Success, Claire Millsap:

  1. Define your business goals
    What are you aiming to achieve through contracting a SAM Managed Service? Is it peace of mind that you are meeting IT Governance obligations? Do you believe you have a potential compliance issue? Are you targeting hard cash savings? Defining success upfront will help you achieve it!
  2. Identify your key software publishers
    Whether that's by spend, by the number of titles you consume, by platform (e.g. data center vs end user) or even publishers you plan to cease using (thus increasing your audit risk), clearly identify which publishers are most important to you. If the list is long, you can prioritize and work through the list of vendors over the course of a SAM Managed Services agreement.
  3. Match your SAM skills against your provider's
    One of the key advantages of working with a SAM Managed Services provider is the ability to multiply the skills available to your SAM program. Make sure your provider can fill your skills gaps, not duplicate the skills you already have.
  4. Understand the reporting needs of your key stakeholders
    Increasingly, SAM programs are providing value to stakeholders from security, infrastructure, finance and other areas. Increase the value of your SAM data by tailoring reporting to your stakeholders' needs.
  5. Build in maturity
    A SAM program that looks the same at the end of year three as it did on day one is not delivering the full value to your organization. Work with SAM process and design pros (like me!) to build a program that will help you mature your practices and the value they deliver.

Every organization's SAM requirements are different, so why not discuss your needs with one of our Managed Service leaders today?

Contact us now.

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