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Contract Name Contract # Subcontract # Manufacturers
MHEC - Asset Recovery, eWaste & Recycling Services MC10-G25 None
MHEC - Software MC15-F04 All manufactuers
MHEC - Technology MC12-F05 All manufacturers
NASPO Computer Equipment MNNVP-133 MA-15111900000000000078 HP Inc.
NASPO Computer Equipment MNWNC-117 MA-15091600000000000046 Lenovo
NASPO Computer Equipment MNNVP-134 MA-15072200000000000004 HP Enterprise
NASPO Software VAR ADSPO16-130651 MA-16082600000000000027 All manufacturers
NERCOMP NERCOMP Adobe; Apple; Cylance; Microsoft
State of Maine - IT Solutions & Services (Omnia) MA 18P 18110500000000000057 All manufacturers
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