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Simplifying security for the hybrid workforce.

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Keep your organization secure with SHI and Forcepoint

SHI and Forcepoint understand that to survive and succeed, your organization needs to be nimble and your customers secure. Zero trust and data-first SASE are true catalysts for accelerating business transformation. Forcepoint ONE customers benefit from better efficiency and higher productivity by managing policies in one place and pushing enforcement to the edge.

Build a cybersecurity solution to protect data and access with Forcepoint.

Benefits of Forcepoint Solutions through SHI

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Work from anywhere

Let users work where they want and how they want – securely. Forcepoint’s Cloud Access Security Broker, Zero Trust Network Access, and Secure Web Gateway provide security in the cloud, on the web and safeguard access to private apps through both agent-based and agentless deployment.

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Zero trust principles

Deliver identity-based access control on any device, including contractors and guests, to follow the zero trust principle of least privilege. Take web security a step further with Zero Trust web access, powered by Forcepoint Secure Web Gateway, Remote Browser Isolation and Zero Trust CDR to ensure any website visit or file download is safe. 

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Risk and cost reductions

Find and fix exposure of sensitive data. Tune levels of access and monitor and report risk levels. Eliminate false positives and streamline policy management so you can focus on the issues that matter.

SHI is a Titanium partner of Forcepoint.

Authorization Levels

  • Forcepoint Titanium Partner

Security. Simplified.

Data-first SASE

Data-first SASE starts with Forcepoint ONE. Protect data everywhere and secure access anywhere with the all-in-one, cloud native platform. Forcepoint ONE features and benefits:

  • Empower faster and safer work from anywhere
  • Replace aging and disparate infrastructure
  • Adopt zero trust principles
  • Get consistent visibility for compliance

Security Resources

Forcepoint ONE: A Unique, Data-First SASE Platform thumbnail

Forcepoint ONE: A Unique, Data-First SASE Platform​ 

Forcepoint's Data-first SASE Platform unites a wide range of technologies in the cloud to make security simple​.

Forcepoint Data Loss Prevention thumbnail

Forcepoint Data Loss Prevention​ 

Data protection in a zero-perimeter world.​

Forcepoint Remote Browser Isolation thumbnail

Forcepoint Remote Browser Isolation​ 

Provide users with safe access to uncategorized sites and known bad sites when necessary.​

Let Forcepoint and SHI help you start your security plan.

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