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Vaccination Cart

Tailored solution

Support safe and efficient COVID-19 and other vaccination workflows with this height-adjustable, mobile Vaccination Cart. Our handy configuration guide will help outfit the cart to meet your needs.

SV Vaccination Cart Configurations Thumbnail
Vaccination Cart

Support flexible and safe vaccination for COVID-19 and more with our configurable vaccination cart.

Featured Healthcare Solutions

Cart for LCD display / keyboard / mouse / barcode scanner / CPU

Mounting Kit for LCD display / keyboard / mouse / barcode scanner / CPU

Cart for notebook / keyboard / mouse - plastic, aluminum, zinc-plated steel - screen size: up to 17.3"

Cart for LCD display / keyboard / mouse / barcode scanner / CPU


The Ergotron Difference

Learn what makes Ergotron stand apart
Professional-Grade Sit-Stand Solutions

Learn what makes Ergotron products the choice of professionals everywhere.

HX Monitor Arms

Stylish and strong, HX Monitor Arms are beauty and the best rolled into one.

LX Monitor Arms

With a variety of configurations, LX Monitor Arms can be customized to enable a workflow built for you.

MXV Monitor Arms

MXV Monitor Arms reinvent tight spaces with their sleek and stylist form factor.

Featured Office Products

Mounting kit (articulating arm, mounting base, extension brackets) for LCD display

Ergotron WorkFit-TL - Standing desk converter - gray

Mounting kit for 2 LCD displays

Ergotron WorkFit-T - Standing desk converter - rectangular - black


Support a Safe & Healthy School Year

Optimize learning for any environment

Whether in-person, remote, or hybrid, Ergotron offers products to support comfort, collaboration, and engagement for students and faculty.

Support Safe School Year Thumbnail
Support a Safe & Healthy Schoolyear

Whether learning in-person, remote, or a combination of the two, Ergotron supports flexible environments that promote comfort and positive academic performance.

Charging Carts Thumbnail

Harness the limitless potential of digital learning. Ergotron's professional-grade ChargeFit charging systems fit your changing technology and education spaces.

Active Learning

Create active learning environments for students and teachers to drive focus and positive academic performance.

Flexible Solutions for Changing Learning Models

Support a safe and healthy school year with our mobile, height-adjustable solutions.

Movement Supports STEM Environments

Learn how Ergotron empowers students to get moving in the classroom.

Ideal Charging Cart

What makes an ideal Charging Cart? Hear what educators say about Ergotron's mobile charging solutions.

Work from Home

Featured Work-from-Home Products

Ergotron WorkFit-Z Mini Sit-Stand Desktop - Standing desk converter - dove gray

Stand for 2 LCD displays - steel, durable aluminum - black - screen size: up to 24" - desk-mountable

Mounting kit for 2 LCD displays

Mobile - rectangular with contoured corners - gray, maple

Redefine Work from Home

Building a more comfortable workspace
Work From Home Thumbnail
Work From Home

Transform sedentary office environments into active spaces that promote productivity and well-being for all workers no matter where they work.

My Mobile Office

Transform any room into your personal home office.

A Comfortable Home Office Video

Inspire comfort and productivity with our compact sit-stand desk converters.

Keep Your Energy Fresh

Give yourself a productivity boost and get moving with our height-adjustable sit-stand solutions.

Safe Return to Public Spaces

Thermal Imaging Solutions

Support safe environments

Quickly detect elevated temperatures in high volume areas to reduce bottlenecks and support a safe return to public spaces.

Thermal Imaging Cart

Learn how our mobile Thermal Imaging Cart can expedite screening processes and improve efficiency as your organization plans their return to public spaces.

Thermal Imaging Thumbnail
Thermal Imaging

Eliminate bottle-necks and expedite the screening process with Ergotron's mobile Thermal Imaging Cart.

Return to Work Thumbnail
Return to Work

As organizations plan their return to public spaces, learn how Ergotron helps support safe distancing initiatives with mobile, height-adjustable products.

Featured Safe Return Products

Ergotron StyleView Pole Cart - cart

Mounting component for LCD display / tablet - white - screen size: up to 24"

Cart for LCD display - screen size:
up to 22"

Mounting component for video conference camera

Manufacturing & Industrial

Manufacturing Brochure

Creating efficient workflows

Optimize your manufacturing environment with flexible designs that improve comfort and reliability.

Manufacturing Solutions Thumbnail
Manufacturing Solutions

Outfit your facility to support lean manufacturing initiatives using height-adjustable workstations, monitor mounts and computer carts.

Remote Auditing

Safe and efficient remote audits

With integrated conferencing technology, our remote auditing cart deploys to the point of need in any manufacturing or industrial environment.

Remote Auditing Solution

Conduct an audit or assessment remotely with our StyleView Cart and Logitech conferencing system - a mobile solution that integrates audio and video conferencing with our LiFe Powered StyleView Cart.

About Ergotron

Ergotron uses movement to improve how people work, learn, play and care for others. With a focus on healthcare, education, general office and custom solutions, we rely on human-centered design principles and the Technology of Movement to build environments that help people thrive. Shop Ergotron 

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