Cloud native and insight-driven, McAfee protects data from device to cloud.

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About McAfee

McAfee is the device-to-cloud cybersecurity company. Inspired by the power of working together, McAfee creates enterprise and consumer solutions that make our world a safer place for the benefit of all.

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Partners like SHI International are integral to McAfee’s success and help us lead the way in device to cloud cybersecurity. By working together, we can provide better solutions that benefit our customers with greater protection, faster deployment times and reduced costs. Contact SHI 

McAfee Unified Cloud Edge

McAfee Unified Cloud Edge is part of McAfee® MVISION, the cloud-native security platform from McAfee. McAfee Unified Cloud Edge enables consistent data and threat protection controls from device to cloud. It begins with three core technologies converged into a single solution: Cloud access security broker( CASB), Secure web gateway (SWG) and Data Loss Prevention (DLP).

Business-Class Platform Brief
McAfee Unified Cloud Edge

Protect data from device to cloud, and prevent cloud-native threats invisible to the corporate network

McAfee Mobile Protection

Defend all your mobile devices. Protect your employees and their mobile devices with McAfee® MVISION Mobile, a solution that detects threats and vulnerabilities on Apple iOS or Google Android devices, the networks they’re connected to, and the applications that users have downloaded. On-device detection capabilities provide protection whether the device is online or not. MVISION Mobile uses machine learning capabilities fed by billions of data points from millions of devices to identify current or imminent threats and attacks, including ones that have never been seen before.

Mvision Mobile
McAfee MVISION Mobile

Defend all your mobile devices

MVISION Unified Cloud Edge Overview

MVISION Unified Cloud Edge (UCE) is a cloud-native security platform that integrates web gateway, CASB and DLP. UCE enables organizations to seamlessly protect users and data from any device to the cloud. This allows you to apply consistent data protection and threat prevention policies across control points in all environments, resulting in simplified security administration and reduced risk for your organization as it transforms to the cloud.

McAfee MVISION Cloud for Office O365

McAfee® MVISION Cloud for Office 365 helps organizations securely accelerate their business by providing total control over data and user activity in Office 365, Teams and Azure.

MVISION Cloud for Azure
McAfee MVISION Cloud for Azure

Protect your Azure infrastructure from security threats and compliance risks with comprehensive monitoring, auditing, and remediation

MVISION Cloud for Office 0365
McAfee MVISION Cloud for Office O365

McAfee MVISION Cloud for Office 365 helps organizations securely accelerate their business by providing total control over data and user activity in Office 365

MVISION Cloud for Microsoft Teams
McAfee MVISION Cloud for Microsoft Teams

MVISION Cloud for Microsoft Teams helps organizations securely accelerate their business by providing total control over data and user activity in Microsoft Teams

McAfee EDR for Endpoint

Organizations looking for simpler, more affordable alternatives to full-featured endpoint security platforms (EPP) are embracing native security like Microsoft Windows Defender. While Windows Defender provides essential base-level protection, it’s still necessary to apply advanced countermeasures like machine learning to mount a complete defense against sophisticated file-less and zero-day malware-based threats. The key to success lies within leveraging, strengthening, and managing the security already built into Windows desktop and server environments1 without introducing the complexity of multiple consoles. McAfee® MVISION Insights2 delivers proactive endpoint security analytics and actions before the attack hits further strengthening your security posture.

Business-Class Platform Brief
McAfee Cloud Workload Security

Secure your hybrid infrastructure workloads. Safer. Faster. Simpler.

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