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Whoever you work with at SHI Government Solutions, whatever their specialty, you'll find that they all have one trait in common: your success is their number one priority.

Helpful and knowledgeable specialists are ideally positioned to leverage our formidable technical expertise and buying power to help deliver against your IT and business needs, faster and at a lower cost.

Whether it's streamlining the business of IT with innovative e-commerce, fulfillment and IT asset management solutions, helping you build hybrid data center and storage solutions, securing your growing diversity of data and assets or building a truly collaborative digital workplace, we have your back at every stage of the technology lifecycle.

Our experts will help you select, deploy and manage the very best solutions that our 15,000 technology partners have to offer, complemented with our growing portfolio of consultancy and managed services.

What's more, those same experts will be here for you both today and tomorrow, as our commitment to developing our people means we have one of the longest-tenured workforces in the industry and can deliver the close working relationship you deserve.

We help our customers:

To learn more about how our 20+ years of constant and stable growth has been built on customer success, speak to one of our Customer Success teams today.

Our Founder and CEO: Thai Lee

Thai Lee founded Software House International in 1989 and Government Solutions in 1999, and has grown both companies over the last 31 years to support customer needs through technological innovation and world class support.

In addition to her responsibilities at SHI, Thai is Dean of the Advisory Board at Harvard University and a Life Trustee of Amherst College.

Our Mission:

"We are passionate about delivering exceptional value and experience as we help customers select, deploy and manage technology."

Key Milestones

Click the year on the timeline below to learn about some of SHI's milestones through the years.


Thai Lee and Koguan Leo purchase "Software House" for $1 million USD. The entire company consists of one employee offering one brand of software licenses to one customer from a small office in Somerset, N.J. The employee, the customer and the owners are all still with SHI.


Software House brings drop-shipping innovation to the IT channel, immediately reducing costs and product delivery time to customers.


Software House becomes "Software House International," and attains Microsoft Value-Added Reseller authorization, beginning three decades of Microsoft dominance within the industry as SHI's largest partner.


SHI.com launches, but its pages cannot be viewed until the visitor first receives permission from their dedicated account team to create an online account.


SHI UK opens our Milton Keynes office, further expanding our solutions to greater Europe.


SHI develops hybrid e-commerce procurement system allowing companies' ERP systems to directly outsource the procurement of IT products through SHI. Two global conglomerates soon begin widespread procurement of IT hardware through SHI, unofficially and forever changing the "Software House" name. Both Fortune 100 customers remain among our largest customers today. This year, SHI also forms a separate entity called SHI Government Solutions to support our public sector customers across the state of Texas.


SHI eclipses $1 billion in annual revenue for the first time.


While the IT channel consolidates during the Great Recession, SHI aggressively expands, increasing support for small and medium-sized businesses. SHI’s Corporate division ("Corp") launches in Austin, Texas and 25 new regional offices open within 18 months. Today, SHI's Corporate division represents approximately one-third of SHI's top-line revenue.


SHI International France opens its doors.


Eclipsing $5 billion USD in annual revenue for the first time, President and CEO Thai Lee predicts SHI will double in size and pass $10 billion USD by the end of 2019. SHI would achieve that goal by the end of 2018 - one year early.


SHI opens the Knox Integration Center, the fifth warehouse facility in our history. "Fort Knox" instantly doubles SHI's capacity to support the warehousing, configuration and delivery of integrated software and hardware solutions.


The Ridge Integration Facility opens in Piscataway, New Jersey - five miles from the newly re-named SHI Stadium on the campus of Rutgers University. The new facility - large enough to house nearly seven football fields - expands SHI's ability to build and deploy data center and edge computing solutions at scale and combines with Knox to give SHI the two largest IT integration centers east of Chicago. SHI also opens SHI Global IT Solutions Ireland Limited to support our customers in the Europe Union.

Video Transcript: About SHI

For over 30 years, SHI has provided IT solutions and professional services to some of the largest and most complex organizations in the world.

Whether it's industry-leading technology partners or emerging partners new to the tech space, SHI has the experience and expertise to deliver streamlined, custom IT solutions to corporate, enterprise, public sector and academic customers around the world.

SHI. Innovative Solutions, World Class Support.