Data-Centric Security

Many organizations don’t know where all of their sensitive data is, making it impossible to ensure security and comply with data privacy laws. SHI’s Data-Centric Security offerings enable you to identify and secure “crown jewel” data.

Data-Centric Security Solutions

We partner with you to develop an end-to-end, data-centric security program that facilitates complete control over sensitive data, from the point of creation through the entire data lifecycle.

Our solutions enable visibility into the location of your sensitive data, how it flows within the organization and where it is at risk. By evaluating the current state of your security program, developing a prioritized roadmap for improvement and putting data at the heart of your security strategy, we help you establish exactly what you are trying to protect and ensure the appropriate controls are in place.

Key Focus Areas

  • Data discovery
  • Data classification
  • Encryption
  • Key management
  • Data masking and tokenization
  • Secure file transfer
  • Email security
  • Data loss prevention
  • Database security
  • Data access governance


Insight Icon

Gain insight into current-state data security capabilities.

Information Icon

Separate valuable information that may be targeted from less valuable information.

Data Icon

Prevent the misuse of sensitive data inside and outside of the organization.

Security Icon

Enhance security awareness efforts to diminish cyber threats.

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Maintain compliance with data protection and privacy regulations.

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Avoid the reputational damage and financial losses of a data breach.

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