Run and Transform

Balance today’s needs with tomorrows opportunities.

Accelerate Application Delivery

Exceptional Experiences. Everywhere.

Deliver at high speed with low risk.

Reliably scale Agile and DevOps across all your environments, from mainframe to cloud.

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Deliver IT value without risk Icon

Deliver IT value without risk

Re-use trusted IT investments to realize new value

Deliver better outcomes Icon

Deliver better outcomes

Control delivery based on risk, compliance, and quality

Liberate resources Icon

Liberate resources

Test and automate everything at scale

Boost business confidence Icon

Boost business confidence

Increase collaboration and stakeholder alignment

Simplify Your IT Transformation

Enterprise Service Set Free.

Cut complexity. Build agility. Drive services.

Digital transformation demands IT transformation. Micro Focus IT Ops solutions work alongside legacy and cloud tools to close operational gaps while automating end-to-end workflows across key IT functions and value streams.

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Simplify Your IT
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Simplify Service Consumption Icon

Simplify Service

Deliver intuitive, personalized, no-wait, self-service to IT and business users, driven by machine learning.

Meet Resource Demand at DevOps Speed Icon

Meet Resource Demand at DevOps Speed

Deliver cloud and on-premises services at high speed, without compromising quality.

Detect and Fix Issues Automatically Icon

Detect and Fix Issues Automatically

Shift to automated discovery, monitoring, and remediation powered by AIOps.

Implement Transparent Guardrails Icon

Implement Transparent Guardrails

Adopt a proactive, consistent approach to patch compliance, backups, and budget control.

Strengthen Your Cyber Resilience

The Art of Protecting Data.

Adapt with intelligence.

Cyber resilience is the ability of an organization to enable business acceleration (enterprise resiliency) by preparing for, responding to, and recovering from cyber threats. A cyber-resilient organization can adapt to known and unknown crises, threats, adversities, and challenges. The ultimate goal of cyber resiliency is to help an organization thrive in the face of adverse conditions (crisis, pandemic, financial volatility, etc.).

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IDC Market Spotlight
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360° of Cyber Resilience

Protect - Keep your data safe.

Detect - Accelerate threat detection and response.

Evolve - Intelligently adapt your security.

Analyze in time to Act

Build on Strength.

Accurate predictions, actionable insights and automated delivery.

Bridge existing and emerging technology to deliver fresh value from IT investments, on and off the mainframe.

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Vertica Analytics Platform 10
Accuracy in Your Predictions Icon

Accuracy in Your Predictions

Develop highly accurate and constantly updated predictive models based on unlimited volumes of all your data—not just samples—and derive meaning for real-time intelligence.

Action for Insight Icon

Action for Insight

Access predictive insight in the moment and uncover trends, relationships, and patterns so that you can make decisions at the speed of your business.

Automation for Monitoring and Discovery Icon

Automation for Monitoring and Discovery

Apply automated monitoring, discovery, analytics, and remediation to predict, adapt, and unlock business opportunities, and reduce risks.


World Quality Report 2020-2021 Image
World Quality Report 2020-2021

Growing Expectations from QA. Can we meet them? Yes, we can!

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Powering Digital Transformation

Helping organizations bridge now and next to succeed in an evolving marketplace.

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Micro Focus ALM/Quality Center

Today's business climate demands innovative software to support growth and success. As the pace of competition and change accelerate, application development teams need solutions enabling them to deliver modern applications faster while maintaining quality, reliability and security.

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Is your Enterprise susceptible?

4 key focus areas for cyber resilience.

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Insights Empowered

Know your data. Empower your people. Drive your future.

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