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Why Vertiv?

What’s your Edge?

Vertiv is a trusted provider of mission critical IT infrastructure. From racks and PDUs to KVM switches and Global power, Vertiv offers end-to-end, day-to-day complete solutions so your EDGE is always running. Vertiv’s EDGE brings together hardware, software and ongoing services to ensure your vital applications run continuously and perform optimally.

Because continuity is critical to your business, downtime is not an option – our edge-ready solutions matched with our unrivaled service capabilities make Vertiv the easy choice for you to manage, protect, and power your distributed IT environment. Your network edge is always evolving. Your challenge is keeping pace with that evolution. Vertiv is here to help you stay ahead.

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What’s your Edge?

The Edge Is An Evolution, Not A Revolution

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Liebert® scales to help you create the intelligent ecosystems that meet your needs by safeguarding the technology that drives your business and protecting IT Equipment, Data Centers and Storage or by protecting your Routers, Desktops and Towers at home.


Geist custom rack PDUs, In-row cooling and Environmental Monitoring provide power and software solutions that can monitor your data infrastructure. Geist custom solutions are delivered quickly and effectively to ensure flexibility and scalability for your infrastructure deployments.


Avocent’s® single point access KVM switches and serial consoles enable you to have remote access to their multiple IT Devices anywhere, anytime. The Avocent® IT Management suite provides one of the most SECURE and seamless in- and out-of-band access to your network devices.

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Liebert® provides global power and thermal management solutions to increase uptime with products such as UPS, in-row cooling and integrated enclosures.

Geist custom rack power distribution units (PDUs), In-row cooling, and Environmental Monitoring provide power and software solutions that can monitor your data infrastructure.

Avocent’s® single point access KVM switches and serial consoles enables you to have remote access to their multiple IT Devices anywhere, anytime.

Maximize availability and uptime through Vertiv’s Lithium Ion UPS with longer runtime, lower TCO, quicker battery recharges and better performance in higher temperatures.

Our data center racks, cabinets and enclosure solutions provide support and protection to your critical IT and facilities.

Services to fit an end-to-end IT Infrastructure operation with over 850 service techs in more than 140 service centers across North America.

Integrated Solutions

To create and maintain strong edge computing, solid IT infrastructure needs to be rapidly deployed in remote locations as efficiently as possible. Vertiv's Integrated Solutions, including Prefabricated Rack, Row, Aisle, UPS, Thermal Management, Power Management and Modular Data Centers are built in flexible designs based on proven configurations. We're here to help you normalize design and harmonize systems across all your edge sites (locally, regionally and globally) to allow for easier design, implementation, management and replication.

Integrated Solutions

Industries We Serve

Health Care

There’s no wiggle room in the health care industry. You protect lives, so your information systems and facilities require the very best products and services. At Vertiv, we can help ensure you’re getting continuous power to priority loads.

Industries We Serve – Health Care Case Study Thumbnail
Health Care Case Study

Learn how Vertiv can help with expanding existing health care environments.

K-12 Education

Today's classrooms harness technology to aid and equip students with the knowhow to support their daily lives. With IT as an integral part of the classroom, Vertiv helps schools protect their existing infrastructure to support compute requirements as well as keep pace with the speed and impact of change.

Education Case Study thumbnail
Education Case Study

Read how Vertiv provided stable network services across a multi-building, multi-campus school district.


The technology enabling today’s retail customer experience is business critical and requires a different approach for protection. The omnichannel nature of today’s market makes your IT infrastructure more important than ever to keep all of your locations running. Vertiv is here to help you succeed.

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Retail Customer Case Study

Leading global retailer improves resiliency and asset management with edge computing solution.


Vertiv can increase uptime to help eliminate technology disruptions that could impact transportation, law enforcement, and public safety, among other government services.

Government Case Study thumbnail
Government Case Study

Learn how Vertiv provides complete edge solutions for government network closets.


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Vertiv Trade-In Program

Upgrade your aging UPS to our cost-saving and reliable Lithium-Ion technology.

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Geist Overview

Discover more about Geist solutions including rack power distribution, network switch cooling and environmental monitoring.

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Vertiv Product Catalog

Learn more about Vertiv’s expansive portfolio.

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PSI5 Lithium Ion Brochure

Vertiv’s Lithium-ion is game-changing technology when it comes to UPS batteries.

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Liebert® GXT5 Overview

Intelligent and Efficient UPS for Protection of Your Mission-Critical Applications.

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Network Closet Solutions

Find the solutions that fit your unique network requirements.

About Vertiv

Vertiv is a trusted provider of mission critical IT infrastructure. Its expansive portfolio comprises of IT infrastructure solutions and services, extending from the cloud to the edge of the network - providing optimal performance and scalability while minimizing disruptions and downtime.

Partnership with SHI

As a Vertiv Diamond Partner, SHI can leverage Vertiv’s end-to-end IT infrastructure solutions portfolio. Together, we work to ensure you are always connected and your IT assets are protected from damage. Contact SHI for more information. Contact SHI 

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