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EPOS builds on the legacy of Sennheiser Communications, the former joint venture between Sennheiser GmbH & Co KG and Demant A/S and sells co-branded EPOS | SENNHEISER products for business professionals and the gaming community, while also introducing a new EPOS branded portfolio. Shop EPOS 

Partnership with SHI

SHI is one of EPOS’ top partners, and is a member of EPOS’ reseller network. As a longtime partner, SHI is well equipped to provide EPOS’ unique sound experience and deliver on our promise of the highest level of service. Contact SHI 

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Flexible Work

Take perfect audio anywhere.

Modern workplaces are evolving every day – becoming more mobile, more versatile and more flexible. We created the ADAPT Line of premium audio tools to enable seamless transition between locations, enabling perfect concentration and collaboration, anytime and anywhere.

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Work your way

For working away from your desks, participating in meetings or calls or working remotely from other locations

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The perfect communication experience

For working in energetic office environments, spending much time at or around your desks talking with customers.

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When talk matters

Our IMPACT series is created for the talk-centric professionals to improve efficiency and deliver excellent customer experiences.

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Conference anywhere

Connect with colleagues, customers and other stakeholders from anywhere in the world for collaborative calls or meetings.

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Seamless collaboration

Our EXPAND series is designed for working together across workspaces, locations and time zones. Whether for large meeting rooms, smaller huddle spaces or for portable use on-the-go, there’s a solution to suit your needs.

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Work from Home Solutions

EPOS audio solutions are designed with the remote workforce in mind.

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Reasons to Choose

A handy guide to help customers make the right choice.

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EPOS Business Solutions

Explore our Enterprise Solutions product offerings.

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