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FIPS Solution

Now FIPS Certified

With End-to-end encryption

After an extensive certification process, Code’s CR2700 barcode reader is now Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) 140-2 certified and listed on the NIST database.

FIPS certification indicates that a product reaches sufficient levels of secure encryption to be used in computer systems for the purpose of ensuring security and interoperability through data encryption. Code’s products are now authorized for procurement by government medical facilities, such as those overseen by the Department of Veterans Affairs, military hospitals, and other government healthcare facilities. Although, you don’t have to be a government entity to use a FIPS secure product.

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FIPS Certified

Featured Products

FIPS Solution
CR2700 FIPS Handled

Battery, BT Inductive Charging Station, 6-ft USB cable, Desktop Base
CR2700 FIPS Palm

Battery, BT Inductive Charging Station, 6-ft USB cable, Desktop Base

Healthcare Hardware and Software Solutions

Solutions Purpose-built for Healthcare

Healthcare workers today treat more patients in less time than ever before, with no room for error. Our built for healthcare data capture solutions improve workflow, adapting to the challenges of each setting with a near zero miss scanning accuracy of 99.9995%. Combating infection control, readers are built to endure extensive cleaning. CodeShield™ plastics withstand more disinfectant-ready chemical cleaners than any competitor products.

Code also delivers an enterprise soft-scanning software solution. Offering the mobile device flexibility healthcare teams want while keeping the near zero miss scanning performance they need.

Healthcare professionals can always (and always have) expect more from Code.


Featured Products

Featured Healthcare Products

CR2700 Wireless Barcode Scanner Image
CR2700 Wireless Barcode Scanner

Healthcare Scanner with FIPS, no exposed metal, inductive charging, Bluetooth5, and IP65

CortexDecoderTM Mobile Soft Scanning Image
CortexDecoder™ Mobile Soft Scanning

Turn your mobile device into Enterprise Scanning Solutions with this software.

CR1500 Tethered Barcode Scanner Image
CR1500 Tethered Barcode Scanner

Compact dual-field imager scanner with CodeShield® Level 3 disinfectant-ready plastics.

CR7018 Battery Backup Protective Case
CR7020 Battery Backup Protective Case

Fully enclosed, healthcare grade case with swappable, eternal battery and BatteryTrak.

Retail and Public Sector Solutions

Retail and Public Sector Efficiency

POS, Inventory, Age Verification, Education, Government and Public Safety

Barcode scanning dwindles tasks from minutes, to seconds — a valuable asset to education, government and public safety processes. Additionally, it’s now a fixture in schools, libraries, law enforcement cruisers, offices, courts, and elsewhere. Officers who have a barcode scanner in their cruiser dramatically decrease their time-per-traffic-stop, helping keep them safe.

Code barcode reading solutions can be integrated into all areas of the retail environment, from warehouse and distribution to point-of-sale and self-serve kiosks for quick and reliable, barcode reading. Or the public sector environment from evidence tracking to DMV and ID parsing to school check-ins.

Code scanners are built to stand up to the fast-paced environments. Available in tethered, presentation and mobile form factors – there is a reader for every necessary functionality.

Retail and Public Sector Efficiency Image

Featured Products

Featured Retail and Public Sector Products

CR1100 Compact Imager Scanner Image
CR1100 Compact Imager Scanner

Palm-Sized cabled scanner that takes up limited space without compromising performance.

CR5000 Presentation Scanner

Designed for fast-paced environments, perfect for ID and credential verification.

CR950 Entry-level tethered Scanner
CR950 Entry-level tethered Scanner

Aggressive, no frills, lightning fast, public sector imager scanner.

CR1500 tethered barcode scanner Image
CR1500 tethered barcode scanner

Compact dual-field imager scanner featuring intuitive targeting.


Forward Thinking and Expansive Service Program

Tailored to your needs, Code’s umbrella of service offerings will put you at ease. CodeComplete™ is designed to increase the product lifecycle of our barcode scanning devices as well as maintain productivity. Code exists to improve data capturing systems while providing whole product support. We want each customer to get maximum value and unrivaled quality from our products. At Code, we are dedicated to creating innovative solutions that exceed expectations, you can simply expect more!

Large Graphic
Extended Warranty Image
Extended Warranty

Along with Code’s standard warranty coverage for all products, there are also warranty add-ons.

Product Service Plans Image
Product Service Plans

Code provides an outstanding level of service tailored to your needs. Choose from Service Packages, Warranty Extension Plans, Expedited RMAs, Accident Forgiveness, Spares and more.

Resource Image
Professional Services

Our ecosystem of barcode experts can assist with site surveys, product installations, product assembly, on-site tech support, trainings, onsite software/firmware updates, AE support and more.


Codeshield Disinfectant Ready Plastics Datasheet
Codeshield® Disinfectant Ready Plastics Datasheet

*Updated* A Cleaning Guide and Disinfectants Chart.

Integrated Soft Scanning CortexDecoder White Paper
Hospital Encryption & Security

Hospitals Fighting Viruses Virtually & Onsite

Infection Control Protocols Meet the future of Data Capture
Infection Control Protocols Meet the future of Data Capture

Being purpose-built for the healthcare environment, the CR2700 is naturally the perfect fit for nurses, CNAs, and those with varied workflows.

Law Enforcement
Law Enforcement

Streamline Public Sector Workflows

About Code Corporation

Code is a technology leader in image-based barcode reading solutions. Code designs and manufactures a complete line of hardware and software solutions to enhance productivity and exceed customers’ expectations for superior barcode reading performance, ergonomic design, equipment durability, and seamless integration with their operations.

Partnership with SHI

SHI is a member of the exclusive CodeAlliance Partner Program, which brings better pricing and value to SHI customers. Code values SHI industry leadership in the healthcare and public sector spaces and are proud to partner with them in many hospitals, education and retail facilities. Contact SHI 

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