VMware Cloud on AWS
Awareness Workshop

Our VMware Cloud (VMC) on AWS workshop is a free offering for customers interested in evaluating a hybrid cloud solution that will allow you to:

  • Extend your data center capabilities
  • Consolidate and migrate your on-premises vSphere-based workloads to AWS
  • Increase your workload flexibility
  • Simplify, modernize and optimize your disaster recovery solutions

This full-day event will uncover how VMC on AWS helps businesses adopt digital transformation and simplify the journey to hybrid cloud while leveraging your existing VMware investments, people, knowledge and tools.

Each workshop will examine top industry trends and customer challenges, and conduct a whiteboard discovery session to identify your organization’s unique requirements. Our certified VMware and AWS experts will showcase what this revolutionary cloud service can do for your business through a series of product presentations, software demonstrations and hands-on labs.

You’ll learn how VMC’s economic delivery model can help your company become more innovative and agile. Expect to walk away from this workshop armed with the information you need to make a final purchasing decision.

Reasons to Attend

  • Participate in an interactive whiteboard session with our VMware and AWS experts to discuss your current environment and business requirements
  • Analyze the benefits, challenges and use cases for VMC on AWS
  • Learn about VMC’s key enabling technologies and how the solution really works
  • Examine the high-level architecture and operational capabilities for VMC on AWS
  • Identify which Enterprise applications and workloads are well-suited for VMC on AWS
  • Explore VMC’s integration with native AWS services
  • Receive a technical product deep dive and demo of the VMC on AWS software interface(s)
  • Obtain hands-on experience deploying an SDDC in VMC, configuring the initial connectivity and networking settings in the UI and API, and exploring access and usage of vCenter and VMware Site Recovery for DRaaS
  • Understand the hybrid cloud strategy for VMC on AWS and how it differs from competitive solutions such as Microsoft Azure Stack
  • Evaluate whether VMC on AWS is a fit for your business
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