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Zebra empowers those in retail, health care, manufacturing, SLED/FED and other industries to achieve a performance edge that translates to delighted customers, good patient outcomes and superior business results. Our products, software, services, analytics and solutions connect people, assets and data to automate data collection and optimize operations. Shop Zebra 

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SHI offers Zebra scanning, mobility and printing solutions to customers in retail, health care, manufacturing, government and more to help customers be more efficient, work smarter and improve outcomes. SHI is also a Health Care GPO provider specialist in recognition of their expertise and investment in health care solutions. Contact SHI 

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Exceed customer expectations and boost associate efficiency

Zebra solutions help retailers exceed customer expectations, maximize omnichannel capabilities and boost efficiency of associates. Our comprehensive solutions powered by scanning, mobile computers, printers and services help retailers capture their performance edge.

  • Deliver when and where the customer wants with customer fulfillment solutions for inventory, warehouse and delivery.
  • Improve efficiency of in-store operations by connecting associates to information and each other (VoIP); speeding payment processing and improving customer loyalty solutions.
  • Enhance the customer experience with in-store self-service solutions.

Covid-19 Update: Zebra solutions are helping retailers meet new demands and keep employees safe. Check out the latest:

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Health Care

It’s all about patient safety and making the right connections

Zebra helps connect the right patient to the right care, at the right time. By connecting medical providers to patient records, caregivers to colleagues and patients to practitioners, health care organizations can deliver better care and better outcomes. Zebra’s scanning, mobile computers, printers and services help:

  • Ensure positive patient ID by matching patients to records, medication, specimens and more.
  • Improve staff communication and collaboration with mobile devices that instantly and securely connect colleagues (VoIP).
  • Identify, track, locate and monitor the condition of patients, assets and staff with real-time location systems (RTLS).
Explore Zebra Healthcare Solutions

COVID-19 Update: Zebra solutions help healthcare organizations meet today’s demands, keep employees safe and prepare other disruptive events. Check out the latest:

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Optimize operations in the plant, the warehouse and the field

Zebra can help your manufacturing customers stay ahead of the competition with purpose built solutions for manufacturing that deliver visibility and control across operations. Our scanning, RFID, mobile computers, printers and services help manufacturers:

  • Get on the fast-track to leaner operations with solutions that address traceability, quality, asset and facility management.
  • Connect customers to the manufacturer’s field teams—whether for field service or direct store delivery and empowering the field with access to inventory, account and sales information.
  • Optimize their supply chain — from receiving, put-away and replenishment to inventory management, packing and shipping.
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COVID-19 Update: Zebra solutions can help ensure the Health and Safety of Supply Chain Employees. Check out:

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Visibility and control to deliver maximum efficiency, public safety and customer service

Zebra’s government and public sector technology products and solutions enable real-time data capture for maximum operational awareness, efficiency and smarter decision making. Zebra scanning, RFID, mobile computers, printers and services help:

  • Civilian agencies track assets, monitor personnel and improve service delivery to reduce costs.
  • Military/DOD track equipment to improve effectiveness of tactical operations and control costs.
  • SLED operations ensure accurate equipment/evidence tracking for improved response and public safety.
Explore Zebra’s TAA/FIPS Certified Products
  • Capture the vote with Zebra Election Process Solutions

Featured Products

DS2200 Series
DS2200 Series

1D/2D imager, corded/cordless options, 60-month warranty

DS3600 Series
DS3600 Series

Ultra-rugged, 1D/2D imager, IP67 rating

DS8100 Series
DS8100 Series

2D imagers, corded/cordless options, healthcare option

TC52 Touch Computer
TC52 Touch Computer

Android, rugged, LAN, OS/security upgrade services

MC3300 Mobile Computer
MC3300X Mobile Computer

Handheld, multi-form factor, extended range scanning, PTT

L10 Platform
L10 Platform

Smart, rugged tablet platform by Xplore: XPAD, XSLATE, XBOOK

ZT400 Industrial Printers
ZT400 Industrial Printers

Durable, reliable printing. RFID option and Link-OS environment.

Zebra Certified Supplies
Zebra Certified Supplies

Designed, produced & pre-tested for optimal performance


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