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About Carbon Black

Carbon Black is a leading provider of next-generation endpoint security and has pioneered multiple endpoint security categories, including application control, endpoint detection and response (EDR), and next-generation antivirus (NGAV). Carbon Black solutions enable customers to defend against cyber threats, including malware, ransomware, and non-malware attacks.

Partnership with SHI

Partnering with cybersecurity innovator Carbon Black, SHI customers can defend against the most advanced cyber threats, including malware, ransomware, and non-malware attacks. As a Premier Partner, SHI has demonstrated a commitment to customer satisfaction, competency and has proven capabilities to manage complex security deployments.  Contact SHI 

SMB/Corporate Next-Generation Anti-Virus

Stops Known and Unknown Attacks.

Carbon Black stops known and unknown attacks with innovative streaming prevention technology that stops ransomware, malware and non-malware attacks for SMB and Corporate customers.

Integrated detection and response alerts in Cb Defense help these companies to quickly isolate and remediate threats. Plus, it is lightweight and easy with cloud-delivered agents that deploy seamlessly, while a dynamic console shows everything you need to know at a glance.


Cb Defense on the PSC

Enterprise AV Replacement

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Assess Your NGAV Readiness

To stop attacks in progress, enterprises need to invest in emerging endpoint security platforms like next-generation antivirus (NGAV) that incorporate endpoint prevention, detection and response (EDR). However, they must ensure the platform is enterprise-ready, able to withstand the scalability demands and administrative requirements inherent to large organizations.

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Threat Hunting

What is threat hunting?

Today’s cyber criminals launch highly targeted attacks to gain valid credentials and become ‘insiders’ within your network. Once inside, they can use built-in tools and executables to accomplish their goals. To keep up, CISOs employ skilled defenders who use advanced tools to find and mitigate these hidden threats.

Cb Response is an industry-leading solution used by threat hunting professionals. Cb Response empowers SOC teams to quickly detect attacks in progress and shut them down.

Cb LiveOps is a real-time security operations solution used to hunt threats. It enables organizations to ask questions of all endpoints and take action to remediate in real time.

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Cb Response

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Cb LiveOps

Risk & Compliance

New regulations have forced organizations around the globe to rethink data privacy and protection.

Carbon Black can reduce liability at all levels with IT audit and risk controls. Cb Defense is a PCI & HIPAA Compliant AV Replacement solution. Cb LiveOps allows you to inspect every endpoint on demand to track and prove compliance. With Cb Protection you can lock down compliance-mandated servers and critical systems.

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PCI DSS Anti-Virus

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Grahm Leach Bliley Act

Ransomware Protection

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Cb Defense Earns Perfect Score on Comprehensive Ransomware Test

Cb Defense Earns a perfect score on comprehensive ransomware test. Advanced prevention stops current and future ransomware variants by monitoring streams of events related to a ransomware outbreak. Carbon Black protects against new and emerging threats with powerful application control.

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Securing Virtualized Data Centers

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Cb Defense for VMware

Securing The Virtual Data Center

The data center contains the most sensitive data an organization has, but traditional security solutions do not provide the protection that sensitive data requires. Creating additional challenges, SecOps and Infrastructure teams struggle to find the balance between security and performance. Carbon Black and VMware combine a hypervisor-based, least privileged model with application-information behavioral analytics to deliver robust security purpose built for the virtualized data center.

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