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Whether it is apps that help connect businesses to their customers or apps that help employees do their jobs—we help deliver and secure extraordinary digital experiences.


Application Performance

No one likes poorly performing applications. Research shows that 61% of consumers will switch companies because of customer experience issues. F5 can help.

We all know poor performance impacts the customer experience. In fact, it only takes a few bad experiences for customers to leave. Keeping applications running fast and reliably is a minimum requirement for doing business in today’s digital world.

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Application Performance
Infrastructure and Application-

Application and Infrastructure Availability

Easily manage load balancing, container traffic routing, distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks, and full failover in a disaster recovery situation. Keep your apps running 24/7.

What Availability matters? Your servers will not reboot after an update. Your cloud provider has an outage. A Kubernetes pod just went down. Any of these can shut down your business, day or night. The question is not when you will get back online again. It is how many customers you’ll have lost in the process.


Application Security Solutions

Apps enable the business to capture opportunities and customers, but attackers can disrupt strategic outcomes for financial gain. F5 can help.

Attackers target applications by exploiting vulnerabilities, abusing logic to gain access to sensitive data and inflicting large-scale fraud that causes serious business disruption. Security must protect strategic business outcomes. F5 can protect apps and APIs across architectures, clouds, and third-party integrations to reduce risk and speed digital transformation. Increase application development velocity to improve time to market and reduce friction. Protect critical assets with the highest real-world security efficacy.

Please access The State Of Application Security, 2020 Report below

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Online Fraud

Online Fraud Prevention

Automated and human-drive fraud can jeopardize strategic business outcomes and inflict massive losses.

F5 protects online commerce and digital initiatives such as customer loyalty and brand awareness by defeating attacks that compromise customer experiences and damage brand reputation—all without frustrating users.


DevOps Automation Powers Customer Innovation

Accelerate customer innovation by automating your entire deployment pipeline, including security and network infrastructure.

Why we develop applications today has shifted. Customers expect regular innovation and to see issues resolved rapidly. With customers using social media reviews to guide business choices, it is important that application automation goes beyond development. With F5, get full integration of security and performance policy and accelerate your customer innovation pipeline.


Multi-Cloud Policy Management

It is hard to manage across clouds while boosting security and performance. Get a solution that fits your business. F5 can help.

Maintaining customer experience is key to win and retain customers. More than 85% of businesses build apps across clouds. But how do you make sure your multi-cloud architecture—and your business—are managed and protected? With F5, development teams, security and network operations can finally work together, leveraging a catalog of easy-to-use and vetted security, compliance and performance policies. Build across clouds with assurance.


Application Troubleshooting

Visualize and Troubleshoot Your Applications

Take advantage of F5’s unique position inline within your applications to act on up-to-the-minute insights, keeping everything running smoothly. Surprises are great—unless it means unresponsive applications. Your users may not give you a second chance if you struggle to keep up with expanding application and infrastructure demands. In the eyes of users, slow can be as bad as down. Reports are important, but actionable data is even more so. F5 can help you manage application analytics, letting you spot potential issues before they arise.

Application Troubleshooting


Shape Enterprise Defense

Problem: Attackers use your web and mobile apps as designed
Solution: Shape knows good users from bad actors

Shape invisibly protects every application from attack, fraud, and abuse. By defending the world’s largest companies, Shape has developed expertise in not just knowing whether a request is coming from a bot or human, but whether the request was made with malicious or benign intent. This ability allows Shape to prevent fraud in real-time; manage aggregator and partner access to your applications; and provide new data for customer and business insights.

Please access the report on Credential Stuffing 2021: The Latest Attack Trends and Tools below

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Shape AI Fraud Engine Product Datasheet Thumbnail
Shape AI Fraud Engine Product Datasheet

Overview of Shape AI Fraud Engine (SAFE) and how it gives fraud teams a new and powerful solution to detect and eliminate online fraud.

Shape AI Fraud Engine

Block fraud missed by existing tools

Reducing online fraud against web and mobile applications is difficult. Despite having numerous fraud tools, fraud losses for most enterprises continue to increase each year. Worse, fear of fraud also causes enterprises to impose friction on legitimate users. Shape AI Fraud Engine (SAFE) gives fraud teams a new and powerful solution to detect and eliminate online fraud.



An all-in-one software load balancer, API gateway, reverse proxy and more.

Modern app infrastructure and dev teams love NGINX Plus. More than just the fastest web server around, NGINX Plus brings you everything you love about NGINX Open Source, adding enterprise‑grade features like high availability, active health checks, DNS system discovery, session persistence, and a RESTful API.

NGINX Plus is a cloud‑native, easy-to-use reverse proxy, load balancer, and API gateway. Whether you need to integrate advanced monitoring, strengthen security controls, or orchestrate Kubernetes containers, NGINX Plus delivers with the five‑star support you expect from NGINX.

NGINX+ Datasheet Thumbnail
NGINX+ Datasheet

Overview of NGINX+ and Features & Functions

NGINX App Protect - Lightweight and Modern WAF

Modern app security solution that works seamlessly in DevOps environments.

Today’s application landscape has changed dramatically. Modern apps are microservices that run in containers, communicate via APIs and deploy via automated CI/CD pipelines.

DevOps teams need to integrate security controls authorized by the security team across distributed environments without slowing release velocity or performance. NGINX App Protect is a modern app‑security solution that works seamlessly in DevOps environments as you deliver apps from code to customer.

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